NSG America, Inc. Announces New Ultra Broadband Anti-Reflection Coating for Selfoc® GRIN lens

Somerset, NJ (March, 2005)

NSG America, creator of the SELFOC® Lens and the world’s leading supplier of Gradient Index Lenses, announces an ultra broadband, anti-reflection coating for the company’s SELFOC lenses. This new AR coating, designated K-Grade, is ideally suited for telecom and broadband applications.

Based on NSG’s advanced sputtering technology and micro optics applications process, the K-Grade Coating is deposited directly on the surface of a SELFOC GRIN lens to create a single, integrated material.

The advantage of this sputtering process is that it reduces the amount of light lost due to Fresnel reflections at the lens surfaces. This process also helps to protect the lens surface from humidity, chemical reaction and physical damage.

This K-Grade coating offers very low reflectance (<0.2%) and is extremely durable across an ultra broad wavelength range (1250 ~ 1650nm). Low reflectance and ultra broad wavelength range make the K-Grade ideally suited for FTTx applications such as BPON, E-PON, Ge-PON and Access.

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